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Early Intervention 

We provide a range of specialist services for families with children who have a disability or developmental delay including:

  • Information and support that addresses the individual needs of the child and family;

  • Supporting families to help their child's development in the home;

  • Linking families to services;

  • Additional support to improve access and participation in preschool and the wider community; and

  • Assisting with the move to school.

Who is the service for?


Early intervention is for children from birth whom may experience:

  • Language or speech difficulties;

  • Delays in development;

  • Hearing or visual difficulties;

  • Physical or intellectual difficulties;

  • Sensory, Psychological or Behavioural difficulties; and

  • Diagnosed disabilities.


Super Hero Kids

If you have a concern for your child you can contact us on (08) 8087 3971. Referral can be completed by self-referring (Parent) or other means such as existing therapy referring, Paediatrician referring or ECEI Coordinator NDIS referral.


You can access our referral form here

"The goal is to enrich children's learning through purposeful actions by education centres in collaboration with children and families."

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