Prior to 1960 and during 1960 Jean Shaw and Clarie Terry were teaching children from their homes and at a hall located at the back of a church in Wolfram St.

Early 1960




24th May 1960


7th June 1960




5th September 1960


7th November 1960


27th May 1961   


November 1961



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Parents of intellectually disabled children felt there was an urgent need for special education facilities in Broken Hill and formed the Intellectually Disabled Children’s Education Committee.


Commencement of school with 12 children enrolled.


Resolved to wind up Education Committee and form in its place the Broken Hill branch of the SCWA (Subnormal Children’s Welfare Association).


Purchase of old house 237 South Road for school.


Name SILVERLEA adopted. 


Official opening of school.


Third teacher appointed and youngest pupils placed in separate class.


Education Department’s School in Rakow Street, constructed and occupied by two classes. A second building was built alongside and Silverlea School occupied this building until 1984.


Building officially opened. Workshop also officially opened same day.


Physiotherapy first provided at Silverlea.


Special playgroup began.


Physiotherapy room built by fundraising from Broken Hill South Rotary Club.


The Silverlea school became the Early Intervention Centre.


Broke away into separate groups, these being:

  1. Silverlea Employment and Training Services (SETS)

  2. Silverlea Education and Accommodation Services (SEAS)

  3. Silverlea Incorporated

  4. Early Intervention Centre


Became a DoCS licensed facility


Silverlea Early Childhood Services broke away from SEAS


Silverlea Early Childhood Services Incorporated became incorporated under the Association Incorporated Act 1984


GST introduced. The centre had to become GST compliant with a registered business number (ABN)


Received an authority to fundraise for charitable purposes from the Office of Charities, Department of Gaming and Racing (Charitable Fundraising Act 1991)


Sensory garden and landscaping began and partially completed


Service under went a restructure for sessions for children


Award recipients for Village Green Sustainable Business Program


Service under went another restructure for sessions for children


Became a DoCS licensed facility again


Approved to receive Children’s Services funding allowing an increase in session hours for preschool aged children. Only NSW Early Intervention Service to receive these funds. 

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