About Us


Silverlea Early Childhood Services Inc prides itself on the philosophy of the service and our long history supporting children and families in the local area. 


The Board, Educators and staff try not only to meet the needs of the individual child, but also the family as a whole and complete unit, by liaison with the relevant support networks to seek appropriate assistance on behalf of families as the need of the child arises.


By the setting of specific learning objectives and constant monitoring of programs, the service provides an effective, professional and vital service with the support of the therapists.

Vision Statement:


  • For all children with developmental delays and disabilities to receive the support and services they need to be included in the community.

  • To provide effective early childhood education and therapy intervention services and support to children and their families within our chosen field


Mission Statement:


  • To positively affect the quality of life of children with developmental delays and disabilities and their families through the provision of direct services, community education and advocacy.

  • To provide both educational and therapeutic programs to children aged birth to 8 years with developmental delays and disabilities.

  • Individual programs for children are written by Silverlea Educators in collaboration with families and are implemented in conjunction with relevant professionals and appropriate respective support organisations.

  • To provide holistic approach to develop and sustain the individual needs of children and their families.

  • To prepare each child for integration into mainstream preschools, schools and the community.

  • To provide information and guidance for families in their choice of early childhood education and care service and school setting for their child and support the families in their decision.

  • To develop positive attitudes and values within society including knowledge of individual differences and respect for others.

  • To be a service that supports families so they may develop their skills, knowledge and awareness of early childhood intervention principles 



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We acknowledge the original custodians of this land, the people and their language and all Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander people.

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