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Our Purpose

We are a not-for-profit, community-based Early Intervention centre and Long Day Care Service in which parents are closely involved. We believe that this involvement contributes enormously to the quality of our services, creating a secure and warm environment for the children and providing a fund of new ideas for activities, as well as a support network for parents. Parents are welcome to come to the centre at any time to spend time with their child or assist in centre activities.

It is the intention of Silverlea Early Childhood Services to provide a place where children like to be. We endeavour to create a context where children are safe and happy growing and learning together and with us.  Dedicated trained staff who possess special nurturing qualities and the ability to collaborate with each other and with families in sharing the care of children in our community are the best resource we have for children.


Happy Kids Huddle


Linking with families, agencies and groups within the broader community, and other centres and schools helps us to create a context for children that is sensitive to their needs, promotes their abilities, and provides meaningful experiences for all of its participants. We place a strong emphasis on building relationships and on collaboration across all aspects of the centre and the community. We believe in the rights of children to participate fully in their community.

In order to build relationships we respect each person (children are people too). Through the way we listen and respond and through our ability to remain engaged with our own learning and development. By engaging in our own learning process we become aware of how bias may affect us. With this understanding we are better able to support others to challenge biased assumptions and create an inclusive space for children, families, staff, and the community.

We are committed to respecting Aboriginal culture and recognise Indigenous Australians as the original caretakers of the land. Environmental awareness is incorporated into our centre through maintaining a food garden, re-using and recycling and composting where possible.

We firmly believe in:


  • Integrity and honesty: To have integrity implies that you adhere to a strict code of ethics and your actions are free from corrupt influence or motive. To be honest is to be truthful and sincere. We agree that integrity and honesty go hand in hand and that both lead to trust, which is critical to perform the work of this organisation. With both honesty and integrity present we can be sure that we are striving to do what is right.

  • Teamwork: Teamwork is defined as the process whereby groups of people work together to reach a common goal, to solve a particular problem, or to achieve a specified set of results. We believe that teamwork is key to everyone succeeding. It helps staff grow professionally and provide the best services possible. We believe that when people work together with open communication and share knowledge, great things can be accomplished. We believe in acknowledging the right of families to determine priorities and be recognised as long term key workers for their own child.

  • Respect: Respect is showing people consideration and appreciation. In essence it is treating people the way you want to be treated. We agree that showing respect is crucial for successful, productive working relationships and creates an atmosphere where everyone can develop to his/her full potential.

  • Best services/practices: We agree that we must provide the best services to children of all abilities and their families within the resources available to us as an organisation. In order to do this we also agree that our services must demonstrate best practise, as defined by the industry and include, but not being limited to services being consumer and family directed, outcome oriented and innovative.

  • Consumer Oriented: To be consumer oriented we must focus on the needs of those who come to this organisation for services and take our direction from them. We recognise that each individual comes with different needs, concerns, and desires; and the services we offer, and the way in which they are delivered, must reflect those differences.

  • Quality: If something has quality it has a high degree of excellence. We agree that in everything we do we must do it with the highest degree of excellence.

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